Our Story.

Cguros goal is to be able to bring significant value from start to finish, as patients are referred, orders are build, pre-certifications gathered, & ultimately shared from facility to facility.  We recognize this process can be daunting from the patients point of view.  We have built Patient Resources as the turn to destination to provide clarity for patients,  enabling them to make make well informed decisions.


As a patient you make an appointment with almost any physician & pay your deductible. After your deductible is met you will then be responsible for any co-insurance cost. Typically most plans are 80/20 meaning 80% of the cost is paid by your insurance company & the other 20% comes from your pocket. While straight forward it can be more expensive than other plans depending on your utilization of medical services.

Managed Care.

Another popular insurance option in the healthcare ecosystem today is managed care. You may recognize managed care as HMO’s, PPO’s and POS. Utilizing this type of plan you the patient will pick an “In Plan Physician” to become your primary care provider. This physician becomes your gatekeeper as they must provide a referral to other specialists. Managed care also typically requires a copay for each visit.

Public Coverage.

Many Americans take advantage of social insurance programs such as Medicare, which pools resources & spreads the financial risk associated with major medical expenses across the entire population to protect everyone, as well as social welfare programs such as Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provide financial assistance to children who cannot afford health coverage.



Countless Patients Served

  • Why rely on what little information your physician gives you, Cguros Patient Resources deconstructs today's insurance industry bringing real clarity

    Julie Davis
  • Cguros patient resources is key, with so much information at your finger tips anyone can quickly gather the insight needed to be able to "speak doctor" with peace of mind.

    Christopher Sweet
  • As a patient, similar to so many others, it can be nerve racking to find yourself in the hospital, period. Compounded by the stress of medical bills, Cguros patient resources really helped me understand the dynamics of the insurance aspect of things and how I would be able to cover my portion of the cost associated with my procedure, best.

    Brian Mathews
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